Chillin’ at Home

The weather’s been cold lately (we had more snow showers yesterday), so I have turned my attention to home subjects again. Urban Sketchers has a new live show on Instagram on Sundays, 4:00 GMT. I have watched the last two weeks of it and enjoyed it very much. You can check out the link here and hop on this week: It is fun to see people from around the world hopping on Instagram and enjoying the live show. You can also see sketches people post from around the world, and they are all chillin’ at home, or getting exercise. You feel a deep camaraderie as you see everyone experiencing the lock-downs in their country.

The session is led by Rob Sketcherman in Hong Hong and each week features well-known artists sharing their sketches and helpful hints. They also issue a challenge for sketchers around the world. James Richards, a wonderful sketcher and speaker, instructed us to create a storyboard of a process we do at home (like get ready in the morning) or things we do during the day. I chose to sketch a few things I did yesterday in storyboard fashion.


I want to try this again another day and change the style up a bit… but it was a fun first try.

My kids are also my ready sketch subjects. It works best if I can catch them doing a quiet activity, so I sketched my son yesterday as he was watching a show on Netflix. He had just cleaned his room and done a mound of laundry, so I could actually venture into his room without fear of dying!


The last sketch today is of my daughter. She was chillin’ on her bed watching a video about Minecraft. She has abandoned other video games for the moment (which I am happy about) and is building a giant castle on Minecraft, which has nice relaxing music, Lego-like buildings and people, and an endless stream of ideas for building your perfect dwelling, building, country, world. Instead of doing her calculus homework, she was doing that this weekend, which kept her occupied and happy. I have been sketching people for awhile and still struggle with anatomy, and her posture was a challenge. But I was pretty happy with this sketch.


What types of sketches are you doing at home? What are your favorite subjects? Some days I think there is absolutely nothing left to sketch at home, but then I do a few and realize, there is always something to draw!

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