The Old Lift Bridge

I was in Stillwater today and did a sketch at Lowell Park. The new beautiful bridge has everyone excited, but I haven’t had the chance to go over it yet. I have watched it months in the making, cement pylon after pylon, girder after girder, boats floating in the river, snow, ice, fall colors….and finally it is finished. But there is still something special about the old lift bridge. I watched as a large white and red paddleboat chugged under it, tooting to the passing town.

Right on the river, the beautiful blue water danced with light. I sat at a metal table with a green metal umbrella and began laying in the bridge. I liked the potted plants with red and white flowers waving in the breezes. Boaters and bikers went by, which included a group of retired ladies who decided to stop at a table near me for lunch break. Chatting about the bike trails, families, retirement, pets, and grand babies, they kept things interesting as I sat in silence and drew the river. They bought food at a local deli and smells of rice bowls and delicious other foods wafted my way.

It was a picture-perfect day to sketch—-sunny skies and warm. And of course, the old lift bridge!


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