Sketches of Fall Life

It’s always fun to sketch the seasons. I have done winter and summer sketches, spring, and fall. Yesterday I took my bike around the neighborhood and just sketched a few things I saw–ducks on a pond and a lone soccer ball deserted at a local park. It’s fun to ride around and see life—- stacked lounge chairs at the pool, closed for the season. Goldenrod and dried brown thistles blowing in the wind. Everywhere the season of change is in the air.

Last fall, I collected a group of leaves on the trail near my home. I brought them home and arranged them together, and sketched them. This sketch shows the finished result. It’s interesting to collect items from nature and study them more closely. I marvel at the veins of leaves—-so small and thin, such an important part of plant anatomy. When I sketch, I notice things I haven’t seen before. Drawing forces you to be a keen observer. The nuances of life speak to me and invite me to discover more. Always an adventure with sketching!

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