Fire Station #27

It was great fun yesterday to participate in Urban Sketchers and Open Streets. This was on Nicollet in Minneapolis, Kingsfield neighborhood, and many, many blocks were blocked off (I walked them) for a major community/family/party/music/everything else event. I went with some other sketchers to the historic fire house on 44th and Nicollet, which was now a Bruegger’s Bagels. Despite 90 degree heat, people roamed the streets, sampling food, drinks, listening to music, playing games, and looking at tents sponsored by various organizations. The fire station was further from the noise, which was good, but bikers, roller bladers, strollers, and families walked by while we sketched. The city noises permeated our thoughts—sirens, trucks, horns, and we were under the flight pattern, so jet engines whined and screamed above us. I think a C-130 went overhead, it’s 4 propellers buzzing noisily. I liked the bricks and architecture. I started out with a light pencil sketch of the main shapes, then did watercolor washes over those areas. With a pen, I began sketching details in. Then deeper washes over that to bring out the values. It was great sitting on a curb by a gas station, we had some shade too. I met some new sketchers and learned a little about them which was great. All in all, a very fun time!

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