Sketching in the Minneapolis Skyway


On Sunday I went downtown Minneapolis to sketch with the Urban Sketchers. We met in the IDS Center, an amazing structure of glass and steel. After introductions, we went off to sketch in various skyways. I sketched the Hudson building. I liked the architecture—windows, stone, and archways. I sat with others on the floor above the Target atrium and also drew some people I saw below. One lady did a fantastic sketch of the Foshay building. We were happily sketching until a red-haired security guard came over, asked us what we were doing, and told us we could not sit there. We could stand, but not sit. I was coloring in the building, so rushed to get that done, which so often happens when you sketch on location. Your subject leaves, you get told to leave, something changes, so we got up and continued on our way. I went to Gaviidae Commons, but nothing grabbed me, so back in a couple other sky ways I went, before ending up in the IDS Center again. The sketch above was done there, from a white park bench. I liked the second level balcony, and a huge fountain dribbled water from stories above to a huge granite plate-like structure below. I sketched a couple people, a restaurant umbrella, a tree with white lights. Sparrows landed on the seat across from me, people talked, and we all later met up to compare sketches and take a group photo. It was a very fun and interesting afternoon!



    1. Thanks Joe! Urban Sketchers are all over the world, check out their website for a group near you. Great to hear you like sketching too!

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