Cold Weather, Hot Drinks

Because Mother Nature has relentlessly been sending snow, cold, and a recent blizzard our way, I’ve been sketching at some places where you can obtain hot drinks: coffee and tea. Last week I was in Caribou waiting for a friend. I always like their hot chocolates with whipped cream. While I was waiting, I sketched the barista in his black apron helping an older man in a green coat. His back was to me, but that’s okay. I left most of the sketch uncolored because I wanted to highlight the textures on the display and the basket nearby. A few days later I was at Jerry’s and sketched near Starbucks. It must be the hip place for retired people, because I saw many there. One table held two men, one in a blue cap and shirt. His friend joined him and they talked quite some time. I was working on expressions and faces this time.

Finally, I went to Sencha Tea Bar yesterday, over at Seasons. I am in love with their hot Chai tea, which has a perfect blend of ginger, spice, and creamy sweetness (be careful to let it sit a bit, I burned my tongue drinking it too soon). I also like their bubble tea. I sank into a lumpy gray couch, parked my drink and watercolors on a little side table, and got to work sketching people. I wanted to showcase the display area, which held tea pots, tea, honey pots, and other items. I captured one guy standing in line (invisible girlfriend) and two ladies talking. Cold weather attracts hot-drink seekers, which makes for great sketching! Soon it will be warm and I’ll be sketching cold-drink seekers, but I’ll enjoy this for now!




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