Portillo’s Sketch Night

I have recently sketched Portillo’s, a Chicago-born restaurant with hot dogs, salads, ribs, shakes, and a ton of other stuff. My sketching class came here to do a sketch outing, so we enjoyed food and lots of things to sketch! Antiques hang and sit everywhere, including photos and an antique car. You could sit there hours and never sketch everything. When we went, it was fairly dead, but I have been there at busy times and have seen cars lined up for the take-out. You order your food on one end of the building, then go to the other end and wait. I chose to sketch my awesome chocolate shake and the antiques above me. Plus a cake under glass and a dude who was waiting for food.


My last sketch is of the workers in the serving area. There is a huge long red and white-checked counter and I watched the hustle and bustle of people behind there. I decided to sketch it! On the counter are drinks, probably fries, then some plastic boxes with pieces of cake. I sketched it then added color later. It was a great venue for sketching and I want to go back sometime!



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