Back To Reality

Unfortunately my days in the sun have ended. Back to lovely March weather in Minnesota: chilly and mixed clouds, gray snow, gray trees, everything is shades of brown and gray…. Luckily it warmed up to the 60’s yesterday and most of the snow is gone and in its place are muddy puddles. But it is nice to see the robins and geese back!

I decided to go sketch in my car yesterday so I opted for a little architecture practice at one of our towns’ retail outlets that is set up like a small town main street. This tower sits on one of the corners by a restaurant. I have tried some sketching with an orange watercolor pencil so thought that could be interesting.


Here is the sketch as it is in its beginning stages. I am in my car with the book in my lap. After the quick sketch was done, I began laying in watercolor washes. The sketch evolved from there and I added pen lines after the washes. My finishing touches include pushing values deeper with watercolor layering, more details with pen, some spatters, and then its done!

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