The Bean and Knights at the Museum

I had a great time in Chicago last weekend! The weather was cold and gusty on Friday but warmed up a little on Saturday. I had the opportunity to do a quick sketch at the Bean in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. Everyone seemed to have gotten the memo that the weather was beautiful! Joggers, tourists, walkers, everyone it seemed, wanted to see this amazing architectural icon. I sat at a picnic table a ways back to capture its size and reflective surface. The guy in green was a perfect addition, he stood just long enough to be sketched!

We then waited in a very long line to get into the Art Institute of Chicago. Once inside, we stood in long lines again to get to the cashier for tickets. We wandered around to see the Rembrandt exhibit and then my favorite, the French Impressionists. I am always taken with their colors and use of light. We went for lunch at a wonderful Italian restaurant called Carmine’s, then rode the train back to see the rest of the museum. By now my back was hurting, but I was determined to get a sketch of some sort. We went to the medieval armor exhibit, and I was hooked. Case after case of metal helmets, swords, shields, suits… I tried to imagine people actually wearing them. Even armor for their horses… I saw a display of these two people in armor who were in a tournament, and their heavy plumes, fancy armor, and puffy skirts did it for me. I had to have a sketch! I sketched with a mechanical pencil and added the watercolor back at the hotel. It was fun to try something new and different. I never expected to sketch knights!


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