People Watching

Woodbury days

I have added a few sketches I have done in the last month or so… of people. Sketching people is always a challenge for me, but one I enjoy. I have been stretching myself by sketching in crowds, as well as small scenes. This first sketch with the tent is at our local Woodbury Days, a weekend of fun and fair activities. I settled down to draw in the amusement park area and loved the brightly colored flags whipping in the wind. The tent was sectioned into crazy colors which also caught my eye.

This sketch of two people and the pumpkins was an entry table at our church’s music and arts festival last weekend. Laura, a host in purple, greeted visitors as they came in the door, provided directions, and sent people to discover music and art activities in the building. I did this urban sketch as a demo to show people more about this art genre.

grace pumpkin resized

Finally…. a couple weeks ago I watched my son run a marathon. I got set up about half-way at the 15 mile area. A throng of runners went by, so I captured some of them running, while curious bikers and pedestrians lined the street. A dad with two small children stood near me, so they got into my sketch too! I sketched with pen and added watercolor later.


There are so many interesting people and sites to sketch. Being observant and working quickly is key. People move, change position, and leave, often before you are done sketching them. But it’s always fun!

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