Holiday Treats

Sketching can be done almost anywhere and with any subject. Sunday found me at church listening to a treat of a choral program, “Gloria” by Vivaldi. Unfortunately I didn’t have my sketchbook with me, but at least I could scrounge up a blue pen in my purse and a prayer sheet from the pew in front of me… I enjoyed sketching the tree and other decorations as the music flowed over me…

blue tree

I also enjoyed sketching my dog. She doesn’t lay still for too long and I find I have to work quickly.  I think her second pose under the stockings is a look of rapt attention, she looks like she is thinking deeply with her cheeks over her outstretched paws. I also enjoyed sketching our fireplace mantle, complete with my teenager’s stockings, and of course, we have to have a stocking for the dog! She was especially excited Christmas morning to see what Santa had left her: a new Nylabone (steak and potato flavor) and her favorite beef treats.


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