Just Chillin’

There is nothing like chillin’ the cold winter days away with cuddly indoor warmth. This first sketch, “One Chair, Many Views”, was a sketch experiment. One of my painting mentors suggested once that we stand out in nature and paint several small pictures, while standing in the same place and rotating around to see other views. What would we see while standing in one place? I don’t think I took the time to do this exercise then, but I did a few days ago, by sitting at my dining room table and sketching three different views: my husband, daughter, and the view out the window….

one Chair

My kids have spent a lot of time chillin’ on the couch with snuggly blankets. I couldn’t resist doing a couple sketches of this hibernating-like behavior….


Finally, I was waiting at the dentist for my son to finish up and decided to do a sketch of a large stuffed animal moose they had at the front door. It work a plaid flannel cap and scarf, and as I got in the sketching zone, I overheard a man talking to the appointment scheduler at the desk. I turned my head, and lo and behold… he was also wearing a red plaid flannel shirt! I couldn’t resist putting him in my sketch!


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