Ordinary Times…

I have learned that most of life is in the everyday ordinary things. Sometimes we have outstanding, moving, extraordinary times, but much of life is played out in simple living day in and day out. I share a few ordinary sketches today…. My first sketch is of two sets of shoes. My daughter got sparkly shoes for prom, and I sat and sketched them, shadows and all. A few days later I was teaching a sketching class at a nature center and they had a variety of artifacts from fur trading heritage lessons they were teaching children. I noticed a pair of ceremonial moccasins, beautifully beaded with turquoise and red designs. I decided to sketch those on the same page as the shoes. It’s interesting how special celebrations are in any culture and we have the accessories to match!

prom shoes

Another sketch I am sharing is when my daughter was home sick. There is something precious about a sleeping child, even one who is almost an adult. I sketched her snuggled under her college blanket. She had her phone clenched in her hand and even the buzzing sound of friends leaving text messages didn’t wake her.

Val sick

Yesterday we got a heavy snowfall. Afterwards, the sun came out and I was visiting my mom and noticed her neighbor’s house across the driveway. A huge pile of show had been plowed up into the driveway and the way the purple shadows and light played across it intrigued me. So I decided to sketch the scene…

sheri's house

Finally, today I was waiting in a doctor’s office and saw a couple wheelchairs folded up in the corner. I decided to break with my ink and watercolor and just use a blue pen. Wheel chairs are intricate designs, so it was fun to try sketching one. I completed the sketch with a man sitting and waiting. Even waiting can be sketch time!

waiting room

Our days are lived in ordinary times and even ordinary things can make great sketch subjects!

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