From Snow To Sand

I have recently left the cold winter snows behind and started a Florida vacation. Of course, that means plenty of time for sketching! Here are a few sketches I did the last few days….

This first sketch was done on the airplane. I observed people sitting around me and used pen and watercolor to catch quick sketches. As the flight to Atlanta got underway, I observed a family with small children that I had seen at the gate. The father was holding a little baby in his lap, trying to rock him to sleep as he fussed and cried. Finally, the child dozed off and the father watched a movie on the TV screen in his seat. The other sketches were of a man with a beard who snoozed and woke up when the food cart came down the aisle.

FullSizeRender 2

The second sketch was done in front of the condo, on the beach in front of me. I had seen a white pickup truck earlier in the morning come along and unload large blue cabanas and lounges. For $30 a day you could lounge in style! I stayed on my flimsy lounge with my beach towel but enjoyed watching the sun worshippers and a few people playing bocce ball.

FullSizeRender 3

Finally, I sketched some people sitting under a Tiki-type umbrella. The gray dried palm fronds rustled in the cool wind and despite the sun and 75 degrees, it was a little chilly. But people enjoyed the sun and sand anyway! The clear white paper down the middle of the paper is not a divider, but the pole of the Tiki umbrella at my table. I was facing towards it.


I will continue to sketch new and interesting subjects while on my vacation, so be sure to stop back to my blog soon to see what I have been up to!


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