Cleaning Days

I was inspired a few days ago to do some deep cleaning. I don’t know about you, but I find it helpful to have a daily project or two of some type to focus on, whether it is cooking, baking, sketching, or cleaning.

On April Fools day, I decided to clean out my closet. It was overflowing with stuff that needed giving away or organizing (or moved to another spot). The start of spring is always a great time to move clothes around! I did a “Before” and “After” sketch, but lost steam in the “After” sketch and only did pen, no color. But it was still fun…

closet cleaning

I was also inspired to deep-clean a bedroom a day earlier. I decided that even my Dyson vacuum was sketch-worthy, so I sat down and worked on it.


I also sketched a bucket with Pine-sol and water, and a stray Nitrile blue glove. The vacuum was different from other things around my house I have been sketching. It’s a machine, and actually quite fun to draw. I tend to use it frequently and quickly, and don’t pay much attention to all its parts… but as I drew them, I had more appreciation for it. Here’s the final sketch:


I still had a blank corner in the lower left page. I like this big book I am using, but then I have to be creative to fill space. One other machine I use in this room is a paper shredder, which I had to empty. I pulled out the container, which held a white trash bag full of shreds, and tied it up. So I decided to sketch this machine too…

I am still surprised that everyday ordinary things can be so fun to sketch… It is truly meditative and calming for me and I look forward to sketching and miss it if I don’t do it. How about you? What do you like about sketching?


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