I had some fun sketching storage spaces “under”. The first sketch I did was under my wet bar. We keep it as the game cupboard, so I plopped myself in a comfy chair and sketched away. Unfortunately, we don’t play many of these games anymore, but I’d like to. My daughter did play a rousing game of Uno with us a couple weeks ago. My kids are more interested in their phones. But we have a lot of time together, so maybe someday….


Yesterday I was looking for something else to sketch and I gravitated towards my daughter’s room. It is always a mess, and I actually find a lot to sketch in it! It didn’t disappoint… I decided to sit and sketch her night stand, which holds a lot of things on the top and also things in baskets underneath. As I positioned myself on the carpet (she was lounging in her bed watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix), I saw the trash can with the Target plastic bag peeping out and semi-empty water bottles. I couldn’t resist adding those to my sketch as well. Sometime I need to sketch many angles in the room, to get the full effect!

vals room

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