Candyland and Lowell Park

Yesterday I ventured back to Stillwater to do some more sketches. There is so much character in that town, between the old homes and buildings, waterfront, boats, and shops and restaurants. I went down to Lowell park, which is right along the St. Croix river. I sketched some apartments and a woman sunning herself. I wanted to capture the waterfront without disrupting from the other scenes, so I added a large cabin cruiser before it pulled out of the marina. It was beautiful and sunny, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. One woman was speaking to another person and said, “I’m not in a hurry to go home—there’s nothing to do at home.” I was feeling a bit like that myself, so I included it in the sketch!

lowell park

The second sketch was closer to the main street. I saw a golden-colored food truck parked in a lot. Colors always catch my eyes, and I’ve never seen a truck this color, so I had to sketch it! Later, I pulled out on the street to go home, but decided to stop outside the Candyland store to add a couple details to the sketch. I parked in front of the shop and noticed a Peanuts statue peeping out around the corner of the building (from the angle my car was parked). It looked a little creepy. There are Peanuts statues all around the Twin Cities, all doing certain activities that pertain to where they are placed. This one had an apron, held a tray of chocolates, and had chocolate smeared on its smile. I just had to sketch it! Yes, even statues catch my attention. And so I passed another sketch outing… in the sun, enjoying the breeze and the challenges before me!


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