Summer Re-Opening

I participated in Urban Sketcher’s Chicago virtual sketch meet on Sunday, and we were asked to sketch signs of businesses or activities reopening. I went with my family to Square Lake, in MN, on Saturday night, and decided to sketch the beach area, which has obviously re-opened. Families were everywhere. In the water, at picnic tables, soaking up the evening sun, on the pier, in boats. Children crawled, jumped, swam, ran, and screamed. I parked myself under a tree while my husband and daughter went to the pier to fish. I sketched a few people I noticed, as well as a near-by portable grill. The sun got lower, its golden rays blasting me in the evening heat. It was a beautiful night!

square lake

Yesterday, I ventured out to our Woodbury Farmer’s Market. It’s affiliated with the larger St. Paul Farmer’s Market, and has been open for several weeks, but I finally got there yesterday. Many stalls under white tent canopies were set up like usual, and there was a plethora of garden produce. I came away with kale, lettuce (I am sick of the pre-packaged romaine I have been buying that gets slimy in days), and some super delish sugar snap peas. I had time to sit and sketch a few minutes, so captured one of the vendors at the end of the line. Later, I added color and the peas to the sketch. Such fun!

sugar snap peas

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