Around Town

Sketching locally is always fun when I don’t want to venture too far, and there are usually things to discover.  A few days ago, I sketched the Lakes Tavern and Grill, a family favorite. We’ve eaten there several times (including my last two birthday dinners) and it’s always a “happenin’ place”! I sat in the parking lot one morning and sketched the brick, glass, and stonework, a fun and interesting combination…

lakes tavern

I also sketched at our city’s Heritage house and property. I’ve always like their gardens and quaint structures. The building was built in 1870 by Frederick Rath as an attachment to his log cabin, and used as a kitchen and living quarters by his family. I was practicing lost edges and different pen weights with the house and flowers. I have painted this house many times, in oils and also a sketch in the winter (2018).

Heritage House copy

One time I used direct watercolor to capture shadows on the walls… I did a value study first, then used watercolor only for the sketch.

heritage house watercolor

The sketch I did a few days ago captures both buildings and a little of the garden too. It was fun to sketch it again after a couple years!

heritage house


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