Fun with Buildings

I have a couple sketches to share… one was done a few weeks ago for a sketch prompt for my sketching group. We were tasked with sketching in Duluth, MN. As I wasn’t able to drive there and sketch, I did the next best thing… used Google Streetview to find an interesting subject and sketch from there!

I chose the Glensheen Mansion. Once owned by the Congdon family, this 39-room mansion is a treasure in the Iron Range of Minnesota! I’ve never been there, but I liked the looks of the architecture. What was even better, was that I could drop my Google guy into the mansion itself and walk around looking at rooms like a tourist! If you want to read more about the mansion, here is a good link:

My second sketch is from last week. I went out on a windy and warm day to Upper Landing park in St. Paul. I decided to walk from the park south on the walk/bike path along the river. I had not gone this way before and enjoyed the views of the river, the apartments along the trail, and the people who were biking, walking, and talking. I looked back at an overlook and liked the view that I saw: the large red “1” on top of the First Bank building, which lights up at night. I also liked the municipal elevator, the trees along the river, and the pylons out in the water. Here’s a pic of me sketching the area:

I left that day with wind-blown hair and the satisfaction of a fun sketch!

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