Franconia Sculpture Park

I went to the Franconia Sculpture Park a couple weeks ago with Urban Sketchers Twin Cities. This 50-acre park houses many sculptures around a prairie setting. You can read more about it and read about individual artists and their installations here:

It was a very hot and windy day, and I enjoyed looking at the sculptures. Though we were there about 3 hours, I chose only a few sculptures to sketch. Later, I came home and looked up the artist statements on the ones I could find on the website. I wrote in notes and quotes from the statements near my sketches, which helped me make more sense of what the sculpture was about. For instance:

I didn’t understand why the Lorraine Motel sign was in this garden, then I read about it and understood. I saw sculptures made out of metal, cement, signs, cloths, wire, wood, and parts of old antiques, buildings, and even mirrors. I think next time I’ll read more about the sculptures before I see them; it would give it more meaning as I sketched them.

In addition to sculptures, I saw a film crew filming the “Flying Foot Forum” dance troupe. I did a very quick sketch of a cameraman. His glasses perched up on top of his fabric-covered head, and he worked very quickly. The music and dancing was fun to watch!


  1. Thanks, Matt! There was certainly too much for me to see too, which means I’ll have to go back another time for a closer look. 🙂

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