Odds and Ends

I am sharing a few “odds and ends” sketches from this fall… basically they didn’t make an earlier post, but they are still fun.

Our Urban Sketching group did an event in Edina, MN, at the Centennial Lakes park. I went a few days earlier to check things out and sketched the paddle boats and a bridge at the park.

Target parking lot gave me a view of some construction areas, so I sketched a huge metal container (maybe for cement or water?) before it began to sleet. Sitting in my car works well in bad weather!

‘Tis the season for Covid, and while at the doctor’s office for a regular appointment a few weeks ago, I sketched a woman who was sitting a few feet away. Everyone has to sit in masks, so it seemed like a sketch for the times. I added the blue color block back at home.

Last week, I sketched with a group at the Landmark Center in St. Paul. I chose a decorative garland in a courtroom, and the blue flowers matched the blue walls. I just had to sketch it!

Earlier this fall, I drove to Hudson, Wisconsin, and just went up and down streets looking for sketch-worthy material. I can upon this Octagon House, which was a museum. I like the shapes and colors, and sat in my car to sketch. It was a fairly quick sketch and fun because I didn’t know this house existed!

Sketching new things is always fun, I hope you’ve found some fun subjects these past weeks!

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