Sketching In Warmth

A few weeks ago, I shared about sketching outdoors in the cold. Now I want to share about sketching in the warmth. In Minnesota, the mornings have been below zero several days. We think it’s warm if it gets to 15 degrees F. Really balmy if it reaches 30. So I adapt and find warm places to sketch on location. One place is in my car.

I was waiting in a very long line at the car wash a few weeks ago, determined to get my filthy, salt-encrusted car shiny clean. There were many cars ahead of me, so I got out my book and starting sketching cars, a big tank-thingy, the sign, and other things as I inched slowly forward.

I have not figured out a way to sketch IN the car wash. Things happen way too fast!

I also enjoy going to Central Park. No, I am not in New York. My town has a place called Central Park, which is a huge indoor park structure with glass windows and ceilings and it’s attached to the library, YMCA, children’s play space, and a senior living community. It’s great to go in the winter and feel the balmy air, and look at green trees and green leaves and bushes and listen to the sound of an indoor waterfall. It’s a beautiful space.

I’ve gone a few times in the last couple weeks and here are my sketches. They were done in Faber-Castell Pitt Pens and I added watercolor at home.

I sat at a table near a gas fireplace. As my back was getting toasty from the fireplace, I sketched an ornamental tree with a curved trunk and greenery all around.

I sketched a woman reading some type of textbook. She had a highlighter in her hand.

I’ve also observed a woman who is a landscape caretaker. I’ve seen her many times, trimming the bushes and branches, and doing other things. She pushes a large trash can on wheels, and keeps her supplies in there. I am glad she’s there to make the space beautiful. Sometimes we take people for granted, and forget the workers behind the scenes who make our spaces or possessions nice to be in.

Whether it’s the car wash guy, spraying down my car with soap, or the lady who trims trees in Central Park, all people and their jobs are important. And when you stop to sketch and see something different, you often appreciate people around you a little bit more!

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