A Favorite Tool

I got Platinum Carbon black permanent ink for my Sailer Fude pen recently. I’ve been using Noodler’s Lexington gray, but want a darker ink. After trying the new ink a week or so, I’ve been enjoying all the lines and marks it can make!

I ate at Patrick’s Cafe and Bakery (https://patricksbakerycafe.com/) at Bachman’s in Richfield, Minnesota last week, and had the opportunity to sketch some fun umbrellas with it. I added the color block and other watercolors later at home. The cafe is indoors, and was warm and comfortable. I chose yellow to show that warmth.

A couple weeks ago, I went to Hobby Lobby and saw a semi truck in the parking lot. I sat in my car and sketched the cab area. A huge hill of snow had been plowed up in front of it. I had so much fun with the lines and details! I decided to not add color, just do a line sketch.

Who knows, the Fude pen may quickly become my favorite tool, and I love the ink too! I’ve also been drawing cartoons with it. It just sails across the paper, and by pushing on it a little you can get dark lines, or flip it over and the nib can do very thin lines (as seen in the snow). I’d have to use several of my Pitt fineliner pens to achieve the same effects. It’s pretty cool!

What are some of your favorite tools? Share why you like them. Happy sketching!

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