Logging The Hours

I’ve sketched in a variety of places this month. I think it’s helpful to keep a calendar and write down sketches I complete. I print a monthly calendar on paper (https://www.vertex42.com/ has some good ones) and keep track of my sketches. Then I can see where I’ve been and how much I’ve done. I’ve had a pretty good streak these last few weeks. I think the key to getting better as a sketcher is to rack up hours in your sketchbook. Techniques and materials are great, but you gotta log the hours. Here are a few I’ve done recently…

On a cold crummy day, I parked my car near a construction site where a new building was going up. It had been the home of Famous Dave’s BBQ, but they moved. I saw the bright yellow vehicle and just had to sketch it! I also liked the blue Porta-Potty, so that is sketched in the background.

This sketch was done at an indoor park. I wanted to capture green plants, as it had been a cold and late spring. I liked the rock textures and the Do Not Enter sign in the garden. I also added a quick sketch of a stroller before it got rolled away.

Sketching candy can even be fun! I sketched this bar of Toblerone chocolate I got for Mother’s Day and added a color block in the background. I used a cup to trace around for the circle and painted it a red to match the wrapper.

Finally, I did this sketch at local Barnes and Noble bookstore cafe. I was sketching with two friends and watching people at the counter. I started with the person in the middle and kept adding patrons. I also chose to sketch the coffee station on the left and later, I cut out a piece of the cardboard coffee cup holder and taped that in my sketch book. For all these sketches, I’ve been using a Sailor fude pen with Platinum carbon ink, watercolors, and a white Gelly Roll pen.

Well, I hope these sketches inspire you to go out in your world and start logging the hours in your own sketchbook. Your sketches will grow and change and you’ll be pleased with the results!

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