Lighthouse And More

I’ve drawn interesting buildings this summer, and have finally compiled a few sketches together to share.

A few weeks ago, I went with family to Two Harbors, Minnesota, and ended up driving up along the north shore. One of our stops was the Split Rock Lighthouse. I hadn’t been there for years, and it was a cool, sunny afternoon. People milled around looking at the museum and climbing up the lighthouse stairs. I sat and sketched the lighthouse. I had two interesting conversations with women who sat on the bench beside me, as their family explored the grounds.

Another weekend, I was sketching in the St. Anthony main area of Minneapolis with Urban Sketchers Twin Cities. I looked down Main St. and saw the Pillsbury sign and tower rising up above other buildings, and I had to sketch it! I got the sketch done and a light wash of watercolor before we went to lunch.

After I arrived home, I deepened more values in watercolor and pen, and added highlights.

Another building I sketched was on the Macalester College campus (St. Paul) with Urban Sketchers Twin Cities. The heavily wooded campus area surrounding Old Main was just beautiful!

I started behind Old Main with the building and courtyard with umbrellas first, then sketched the front entrance before the rain started. I liked all the stone textures and colors and combined them on one page.

The finished sketch…

The rain started, so we all headed to the entrance area with the stone arches (above). I sat on the steps of the entrance (shielded from rain) and did another sketch of an arch while it poured.

Buildings are quite interesting, and I enjoy sketching them. I live in a suburb, so I like the experience of sketching older and unique architecture. What buildings are near you? What sketch can you try this week? Go out and enjoy your time!


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