Fall is Here!

A couple weeks ago I went to Stillwater to sketch with Urban Sketchers. The streets were jam-packed with tourists for the Harvest Festival and I had no where to park to meet up with them. I drove uphill, thinking I could park and walk, but ended up far away from the meeting spot. I found a quiet residential area and noticed this house not far from my car. I pulled up to a side street and parked, facing it, and did this sketch. I liked the architecture of this home and the colors of greens, yellows, and oranges. Later, I drove past it and noticed it was the William Sauntry Mansion, a B and B. Boy, that would have been fun to stay in!

In keeping with the fall theme, I went last week to a local preserve and sat on a rock at the edge of the parking lot. The wind was blowing all the trees around me, and they cascaded down around my head into the parking lot. I sketched these birches— swaying back and forth, yellow leaves brilliant against the bright blue sky.


No doubt, we are in the clutches of fall! And there are signs all around us!

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