Drawing People at Holiday Time

I had the opportunity last week to go to the Mall of America. Between visiting with friends and going to stores, I found a quiet time to sketch while my daughter looked around. The first sketch was of a cleaning cart outside Bath and Body Works. Not very exciting, but I liked all the items on the cart and its bright color. I sketched it very quickly and noticed a guy on his cell phone in the store. He stood about 10 seconds looking at his phone before he changed position and left. Enough time for a sketch! The picture of the 3 moms was in Nickelodian Universe. Diego’s Rescue Rider, which looked just like a school bus. These moms had kids strapped to their chests. And finally, a sketch at Kowalski’s, where I loved the fireplace and happened to capture a blond-haired woman in a bright blue coat sitting with a woman in a red coat. I had a few minutes before they left. My attention was drawn to a man seated a couple tables away. He was in a dark sweatshirt, slurping down some soup. While he ate, I sketched furiously. He cleaned up and went away. Sketching people is always challenging, since they move a lot. But it’s a lot of fun too!


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