Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tomorrow my niece and nephews and their parents are coming over for lunch, so I made chocolate chip cookies today. It was fun to gather up the ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, vanilla, etc… and whip things up into a creamy brown dough. Such fun to dump in the chocolate chips and mix them into the dough. My son and I spent time putting small spoonfuls on the baking trays, singing the ‘”C” is for cookie, that’s good enough for me!’ Cookie Monster song (yes, he is 18), then in the oven they went! My mom’s cousin, Kay, makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies. Light and buttery, they make my mouth water just thinking of them. Every time we visit their cabin in the summer, there is a big glass jar filled with cookies, and she always makes up a care package to send home with us. We eat cookies for several days. My kids claim my cookies are not as good as Kay’s, and no matter what I do, I cannot match them, which makes me smile, because I have to agree. Like discerning State Fair judges, they have compared our cookies and come to their conclusion: Hers are blue ribbon cookies!

Anyway, after a few minutes, the cookies come out of the oven, hot and crusty, and after letting them cool, I of course, have to taste one (to make sure they are okay) and one often leads to more. Here’s to chocolate chip cookies!

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