Sibley and Shepherd Park

Yesterday I was driving home through St. Paul, and decided to drive along Shepherd Road by the river. I love this drive, as there are boats, bridges, bluffs, and barges (4 B’s). I have wanted to sketch along the river and there is a great little pull-off park at Sibley/Shepherd. We had a blue sky and it was very cold, and I liked the ice along the river. The dark flowing water shown through in places, and I liked the shapes of the boats and even the trash can. I liked the industrial look of the place—a palette of grays, browns, purples, and the green and red trash dumpsters across the shore, just stuck out for a hint of color! I sat in my car, with the heater going, and time just passed…. I got in the zone and sketched in pen, then added watercolor washes, bringing up the values. I left the background buildings white, as I wanted the attention on the middle ground. I am amazed these boats were just docked in the ice, once spring comes, they’ll be off and sailing again! That’s for another sketch….

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