Valentine’s Gifts

Today I went to Kowalski’s upper level by Starbucks to sketch. I enjoy this view, perched above the store, looking down on displays, employees, and shoppers. Colors and shapes bombard my senses, and today I noticed a display of balloons lazily floating in the breeze, surrounded by pink flowers and tulips. Bright yellows and blues, pinks, and purples, I just had to paint the display! I had about 20 minutes to do a sketch, so opted for a Faber-Castill Brush Pen. This has a thicker tip compared to what I normally use, and I knew my strokes would have to be broader and I wouldn’t have as much time to waste with putsy details of a finer pen. I laid in the balloons first, then built the table and flower displays around it. I have some new Schminke watercolors that I tried, so I got some of the colors laid in at the store. But they are a color palette I am not used to yet, and not as bright. Later at home, I came back with some of my brighter greens, pinks, and purples, and did some spatter paint as well. It’s a fun little sketch of a tiny segment of the store, but a bit whimsical as well!

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