Pete’s Sax


Last week I was sitting in the choir loft at church. I am a sub for the handbell choir and had finished ringing for the songs I will play this weekend. I began looking for things to sketch, and saw the piano sitting nearby. I am often drawn to something for its shape, texture, colors, or unique qualities. I have never sketched a piano, so decided to try it! I began with the shape—a large rectangular cube, then added the top, back, and sides. I added all the items on top of the piano too, a little clutter makes it authentic!

Last night, I once again found myself with time to spare, so sitting in the same area, I began to sketch a large saxophone, the instrument of our bell director, Pete. I liked the open box lid (a challenge in perspective), the dull gold of the sax, and all the pads and bars, and how it laid haphazardly in the case. The sax had been played during our rehearsal that evening, right behind me, in fact. I had a little familiarity with its sound.

I used pencil for both sketches, then followed up with watercolors. It gives it a nice soft look.

I haven’t sketched very many instruments except guitars, so now I add these to my collection!


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