Blue Umbrellas

A few days ago I was at Barnes and Noble to sketch with a friend. We settled into comfy chairs, she looked down an aisle of bookshelves, I looked ahead and this scene is what I saw: umbrellas for sale! I liked the shapes of the handles, the unique objects, and the way they jauntily tipped towards the books on the table. I also liked the “Clearance” signs. I don’t normally see umbrellas in a row like this, so I knew this was my sketch! I used pencil to draw in the rectangle of book boxes and then switched to pen to do the rest. I slowly sketched the umbrellas, following them carefully with my eyes as I drew the lines on paper. They were light blue and had colorful raindrops on them. After the sketch was complete, I painted in watercolor. I think I’ll sometime go back and sketch, there are many delightful shapes, colors, textures, and outside-the-box objects in that store!

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