Thumbnails at Central Park

park 2

Today I sketched at Central Park in Woodbury. I like that place—it’s warm, sunny, green, and after a bunch of snow, it feels like spring. I sat at a bench and drew several thumbnail sketches. These are small sketches of many things, instead of a whole scene on a page. They are fun to try when there is a lot to look at and you can’t decide on one thing. I draw boxes with pen, then decide what goes in them. I first began with a water feature under the bridge, moved to a man in a hoodie sitting on a bench. Then I turned my position and faced looking out the window, and did some peeling birches in the snow. A landscaper had come by a couple times wheeling a cart with paver stones and then another guy began laying soil down in the plants several feet away. I could smell the soil, it was a nice smell, earthy. I drew the guy leaning over emptying the bag of soil, some plants growing on the sidewalk. After each sketch in pen, I put watercolor down on it too. It was a fun way to pass some time, and got me around green things!

park 3


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