Mall of America Sketches

Yesterday I was at the Mall of America to go to dinner with friends. As I sat waiting for them to arrive, I noticed a store worker sitting on a bench a few feet away from me. She was dressed in a bright red shirt, black pants, black apron, and had her hand under her chin and her elbow on her thigh, staring intently into a smartphone. We sketchers always look for interesting postures, so I couldn’t resist a sketch. She sat just long enough (I was sketching intently only to look up and she was gone) to get a quick pencil sketch, which I inked and colored in later. Later in the evening, I waited in Starbucks for my son’s order. I couldn’t resist sketching a lady with bright blue hair, red lipstick and thick-framed glasses. She was looking intently at a laptop. People intrigue me, and I always find lots to sketch when out in public places. I wondered—- what was on the phone or laptop that captured their attention? It’s interesting nowadays how many people are sitting around on their phones, staring intently into a screen. I try to read the body posture, but really can’t decide what they are looking at… it’s a mystery!


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