Weird Doll Heads

I had the opportunity to go to a fun antique store while visiting my mom. This store houses antiques and “primitive” furnishings and accessories, as well as things that look like the country. Outside their shop was this old shed, surrounded by flowers and bushes. I liked the textures in the wood and roofing. My mom and I had lunch inside in their cafe. The food was delicious, and we were in a small alcove with walls and a view behind a decorated gate into another room. A large cabinet with glass doors faced me, and I noticed something weird— doll heads were staring back at me from inside the cabinet. Sometimes I like to sketch strange things, and as these realistic doll heads stared back at me, it was like they were watching. I just had to sketch them!


These heads looked so strange, as if they were rising up out of the shelving, especially that lone one on top. Weirdness makes for fun sketching, so I hope you enjoy the sketch below!


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