The Best Pretzel Ever

I recently went to the 3rd Act Brewery in Woodbury. It’s fairly new and I hadn’t tried it before. Our family got two neopolitan pizzas (pepperoni and margherita.). I was hoping for pizza as good as Punch Pizza, which has amazing pizzas ready in just a few minutes. The pizza was OK, Punch’s was better by a long shot. But what was truly amazing was the jumbo pretzel we had. This thing was enormous!


I avoided the bright orange cheese sauce and tore off a piece of the pretzel. Freshly made and warm, it was soft between my fingertips, with a soft exterior. So many pretzels have a hard chewy surface, but this was surprisingly soft! The flavor was amazing! Brewery-made root beer washed it down. We were so full we had to take a portion of the pretzel home, where we enjoyed it the rest of the evening in little bites! It was the best pretzel I have ever tasted!

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