Board and Brush


This is a sketch of Board and Brush, a wood painting studio. We had a snow storm yesterday and I went searching for a shop front to sketch. Once again, I sat in my car, heater going, and worked in front of my steering wheel. I worked backwards—-normally I begin with pen and fill in with watercolor. I wanted a looser look so I began with watercolor pencil lines and watercolor shapes, then went in with pen and worked on outlining and adding texture. I have tried this with a few of my sketches and find that I enjoy it… but I had to use several layers of watercolors to deepen values. I also used a brush pen to get the sign darker and a white gel pen for the lettering. Winter sketching is very different, both in subject and the challenge of keeping warm… but sitting in my car has worked well. You just have to find a parking spot that gives you a good view of your subject without being in the way of plows going through the parking lot!

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