St. Paul Food Truck Festival

Today was a gloriously sunny and warm day, perfect for the Food Truck Festival! I joined others from Urban Sketchers Twin Cities to capture some fun scenes. Over 40 food trucks participated and they were parked nose to rear all the way around the square-shaped Mears Park in Lowertown, St. Paul. I have never seen so many food trucks in one location! You could smell ribs cooking, taste ice cream, ethnic food, vegan food, and any other food you could dream up. People wandered around with strollers, kids, dogs, and each other. A rock band kept things loud and lively for hours. A long row of Porta-Potties were lined up on the southwest corner of the park, and picnic tables sat under large shade trees. Many sat on the stone walls around the perimeter. I sketched awhile, but then got overwhelmed with all the din and noise and lost my concentration. So I got the sketch inked in, color applied, then pushed values deeper and added the truck logo and script when I got home. It was fun to sketch this event!

food truck fest

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