Ways to Relax….

I find that sketching can be a great way to relax, and during this busy season, it has helped me in a couple ways….

I recently had a medical procedure that I was nervous about, so I took my sketchbook to the clinic. After filling out paperwork, I pulled out the sketchbook in the waiting area. I flipped to the back page (in case the sketch didn’t get done in time and/or was not that great) and looked around for something to draw. A large framed photograph of autumn leaves and trees on a pond caught my eye, so I used a pen to capture some of the birches and other trees, very loosely done. It did help a little to relax me.

I was thinking about other things besides drawing that help me relax. I bought some beautiful Frasier Fir aromatic votives and noticed their heavenly scent permeating out of their decorative boxes. I have enjoyed their aroma for a few hours, so decided to draw a candle. Using pen and watercolor I tried to capture the frosty sides with the green fir boughs. AND I got to smell them as I sketched! A Win-Win situation!


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