Hawaiian Dinner

I have decided to try to sketch every day. A challenge many sketchers take and one I have tried before and not attained. So I am trying again. The key I think, is to sketch something that is part of my day, not necessarily go somewhere special to do it. Everyday ordinary things can be great sketch subjects!

My first sketch is of three candles that I had arranged in a wooden bowl for Christmas ambiance. I lit them before dinner and extinguished them some hours later, only to find the hot wax had melted and oozed down the candles into the bowl. Upon inspection in the daylight the next day, I discovered some really cool shapes and values of the hardened wax. So I decided to sketch them!  They were a nice change from my normal sketching as they were not people and did not move.

Candle wax

My second sketch was on New Year’s eve. My mom and I fixed a Hawaiian-themed dinner, and this is a sketch I did at the dinner table. I had found a recipe a couple days before for the famed “Kalua Pork”, which instead of cooking a pig in a hole in the sand (my ground is covered in snow), I was able to cook a pork roast in the Crock Pot. I poked holes in it Monday morning at 5:30 a.m., rubbed pink Himalayan salt and liquid smoke over it, and jammed it into the crock pot. I cut a banana in half and wedged them on top of the roast as well. Nine and a half hours later, I had moist, fall-off-the-bone roast, which I shredded with two forks and packaged up for the next day. On New Year’s eve, I removed it from the fridge and reheated it. Delicious! We rounded out the dinner with Pineapple Salsa, Coconut Cilantro rice, Hawaiian buns, coleslaw, green beans, and banana coconut upside-down cake. What a feast!


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