Punch Pizza and a New Book

I am jazzed about a new book. It’s actually an old book (2003), but new to me. Danny Gregory is an ad man turned artist who began drawing after his wife fell and got hit by a subway train. He drew to start seeing things in life as blessings, to bring life back to his shattered dreams… He has written several books, has a blog, and an online sketching school. I have enjoyed reading two of his other books I own and got this one from Amazon today and it’s a quick read. The sketches and journal entries are fun, whimsical, life-like, and show how sketching the every day ordinary things are a way to see the world through new lenses. Truly, every day DOES matter. Pick up a copy and check it out, it’s such a fun read!

everyday matters

On another note— my favorite pizza place is Punch Pizza. Our family enjoys the Neopolitan pizzas cooked in a dazzling wood fire oven, and the flavors can’t be beat. My favorite is the Margarita style pizza with sauce, cheese, fresh basil and kalamata olives. Sometimes we get gift cards from family and can’t wait to use them! It’s fun to come up to the counter and pass the white-hatted workers who are using their fingertips to shape the pizzas. Mounds of disc-shaped dough sit in a tub waiting to be tossed in the air. I like to watch them use a round black paddle to slide the pizzas in and out of the fiery inferno of an oven. The pizzas cook in minutes and have a charred smokey delicious aroma. You walk in the restaurant and your taste buds water! This time around, I had a Greco salad and also a couple slices of pizza. I sketched as the food was sitting at the table, my family had started to chow down. I added watercolor when I got home, as it’s hard to resist the food when it’s right in front of you. I can’t wait to go back!


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