Hodge-Podge of Sketches

A very portable sketch kit is very important to me. I take it a lot of places, and want to cram everything into a small black purse that looks like a backpack. Lately, I’ve been using a water brush more often than not. It’s so easy to pull out and clean. When I have more time, I go for the regular brush and paint, but lately I’ve been scratching out little patches of time to sketch and I have to work very quickly. Here is my kit:

sketching kit

Here are a hodge-podge of sketches that I cranked out in some quick moments of time…

photo booth

This sketch was done very quickly as I waited for Barnes and Noble to open. I sketched with pen then I added the red writing and reflections and colors when I got home. I kinda liked the red pen, something different.

This next sketch was done in my daughter’s room. Every day I look at her closet and see clothes cascading out of her chest of drawers. Their colors caught my eye the other day, so I decide to sketch them! Even messy drawers can be a subject for sketching!

messy drawers

I attended another sporting event this week, a girls basketball game. I was determined to sketch people, but with the noise level and distractions, I managed to sketch the two coaches in front of me. The woman was wearing a vest made of fur and a nice dress shirt. She was the best-dressed coach I have seen! My daughter played the National Anthem on her electric guitar for the game, so today I decided to sketch that instrument as well.

fur vest


One thing I love about sketching from life is that you never know each day exactly what you are going to sketch… I take my book, I may have an idea, but until I open it with a pen and really look around, I don’t know what I will sketch. Sometimes it takes time to decide…. “hmmm, today I will sketch a guitar”.  A lot of times, I just take my book along and then decide on the spot what to do, like when I went to the mall and sketched the photo booth. I didn’t know it was there. Other times I may plan things out a bit. No matter what I do, it’s always fun and interesting!


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