Ricky B and Candy Kitchen

I have had the opportunity to sketch a few new subjects in Florida the last couple days. I have looked around for unique objects that have grabbed my interest. The first sketch was one I did several days ago—the Candy Kitchen. This tiny candy shack is on a busy street and despite its size, it seems to draw customers who hang out in the afternoon and evening eating their ice cream. It is across the street from my condo and I could stand outside and sketch it from a few floors up above the parking lot. My son and I tried it out one night— the inside was very tiny and floor to ceiling with tons of candy.  We tried out the ice cream and I would say it was no better than ice cream I could buy in the store, and a whole lot more expensive!


A couple mornings ago, I set out to sketch a tackle and bait shop that I had seen. My eyes had been drawn to the blue color with the pink fish picture in the window. I sat on the sidewalk as I sketched and listened to the loud traffic blasting by, feet away from the curb. A garbage truck parked in front of me on the street, waiting for workers to move a Dumpster behind me. It was close enough that I could smell the stench of the garbage!

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Today I went to John’s Pass, a touristy mecca with t-shirt shops, island-wear, and other fun spots (even a pet boutique). Tons of restaurants, water sports, watering holes, and shops to delight all tastes. Despite the chilly weather, people were out and about, and my ears started to get cold, so I went and sat in our car while I sketched the Henna Tattoo shop. A man with very long dreadlocks sat by the Henna entrance, my guess is he was the artist. He came out near the sidewalk and took a huge drag on a large e-cigarette, blowing an enormous cloud of vape smoke right in front of me.

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Finally, my last sketch is of a boat. I like drawing boats. Their shapes, colors, and details interest me. Ricky B was dry-docked near the road and looked like it had seen better days. I liked the blue and white colors and the fence and pickup truck provided other visual interest. Can’t wait to see what else I can find to sketch!


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