Dolphin Tour Boat

Unfortunately, I had to cut my Florida vacation short and come home early. But I did get one more sketch in before that. My family had walked the beach about a mile to get to John’s Pass, a shop/watersport/boardwalk/restaurant oasis. While there, I decided to sketch one of the large party boats docked in the marina. This bright yellow leviathan loomed over the other boats, complete with fake palm trees sprouting out of the rooftop. I stood on the beach, in the gusty wind, and attempted to do a quick sketch of it. The water was a beautiful turquoise and I loved the bright yellow of the boat. It bobbed up and down in the water, with tall pylons snaking up beside it. It was obviously a dolphin cruise boat. A day later in the evening, we went to John’s Pass in the evening when it was dark and walked the boardwalk. The boat was tethered in the marina, and bright green Christmas lights adorned the palm branches, making them stand out against the inky dark sky.

I sketched in the daylight, and the wind was so bad, my nose started running. I finished up the watercolor at a later time when I was indoors. It was a fun sketch to do!

Johns pass boat

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