Tea and Cookies

As my hubby starts working from home today with his computers and work station set up on my dining room table, my college student sits cloistered in his bedroom working on a paper, and my high school daughter finds the school technology system to start her online assignments experiencing “issues” state-wide, I retreat to my computer…

Yesterday I was bored so I made chocolate chip cookies. Later, I settled on the couch in front of a fire and relaxed while sipping my tea. This sketch is what came out of my time on the couch. The cookies sat on my lap, and their lovely aroma trickled up into my nose. I had placed them on the floor to sketch from above, but my dog showed keen interest and I knew better than to leave them there.


I am actually enjoying this larger Moleskine book I am trying. It’s portrait orientation is different than I am used to working, so it’s a nice change. I find I can share more of a story on it, which has been fun.

The cookies are a Tollhouse recipe, but my mom’s cousin modifies them to use Crisco butter-flavored sticks and a little water added to the recipe. We have enjoyed oodles of her cookies over the years, and I could never get mine to taste the same. My kids would say, “they don’t taste like Kay’s”. Bummer. But, after hassling some details out with my mom about using the center rack of the oven and not stuffing multiple pans in at the same time (my bad habit), I have finally arrived. I relished the time when my kids told me last year, “These taste just like Kay’s”. And so I share them with you, on paper. Can you catch a whiff of their tasty aroma? Enjoy!


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