Weekend Sketches

Days 4 and 5 of my 10-day sketch challenge fell over Memorial Day weekend and are below. On Memorial Day I rode with my husband to Ace hardware and while he went inside to find manly things like a weed wacker, I sat in the car and sketched. I sketched the line of lawn mowers for sale by the store, all lined up just waiting for a new owner. I noticed two workers for another store who were out on a quick smoke break, so sketched them next, then a video store. Unfortunately I forgot my bag of pens, so grabbed one from my purse. I later found out the mowers and people were sketched with non-permanent ink, so when I applied watercolor, they bled. Ugh! Lesson learned: be sure to check your supplies before sketching!

Ace hardware

The other sketch is of my son sitting on our porch playing a video game. I had come back from a visit to senior citizens at my church and one lady gave us rhubarb cookies, so I added those in the sketch as well. They didn’t last long!

rhubarb cookies

I am enjoying bringing many elements together in my sketches. It makes them more interesting and fuels my creativity for design and journaling too.



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