Art Challenge!

My artist friend, Phyllis, gave me a 10 day art challenge where I am to post art I create on Facebook. A few years ago, I did a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, which was difficult, but I grew so much as an artist. Forcing yourself to paint or sketch every day can yield very interesting results. It’s a habit I’d like to be consistent with, so I have made it into a challenge to sketch every day until the end of May. It gives me an opportunity to continue trying techniques learned in my online design class. We are working on connecting different elements with things in the environment. In this first sketch, I sketched objects in a person’s yard: a lamp post, a little garden shed, and a wooden barrel. I chose a lattice fence across the street from their yard as the connector and put it in the background, connecting the three objects.

bayport barrel

In this sketch, I liked the stop sign and caution sign (I sketched them diagonal on purpose to add interest), a car vacuum hose at a gas station, and a storefront with a black awning and road work barrels. I connected them all by windows that were in one of the buildings across the street.

bayport stop sign

In this final sketch, I drove around my town looking for something to sketch. Bright colors attract me, so I liked the Quizno’s sub truck that was parked near a park. I drove across the parking lot and saw the Natural Pet Grocery and Wash, which just struck me as funny. I added that storefront to the sketch and connected the two elements with the rectangles which were siding designs on the walls of the pet store. Watch for more sketches coming soon as I complete the challenge!


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