Mystery Vehicle

It’s been awhile since I posted, so here are a few recent sketches. I’ve enjoyed finding church steeples for some reason, so here are a couple I found driving around. I like the shapes, the details, and the architecture.

The other day I went looking for more sketch subjects. When you drive around, you never know what you will find. I went to a park in St. Paul Park, which once had an old swing bridge over the Mississippi. It has been turned into a park and you can walk out on the old bridge overlooking the river. Across the river was the Andeavor Refinery, which had so many pipes and fixtures, I just had to sketch it. I kept the lines loose and fluid and added watercolor when I got home.

Finally, I saw a construction site where pipes were being put in along a frontage road. I noticed a pull-off that had several large vehicles, and since it was a weekend, they weren’t being used. I sat in my car and drew a large red machine. I am not entirely sure what it did, but it grabbed my interest anyway. With great big treads and a bright red body, this mystery vehicle was begging to be sketched!


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