Wheels are everywhere! I enjoyed looking at Urban Sketchers Chicago sketch prompt last weekend of “Unlikely Wheels”, and was amazed at all the wheels people found to draw… luggage wheels, furniture wheels, bicycles, exercise wheels, and my favorite– airplane wheels. There are so many examples if we just look around!

A few weeks ago, I was driving around looking for interesting things to sketch (yet again), and saw this large semi-truck parked in a lot. I was attracted to the black sides and the advertised drinks were photo realistic in huge neon colors of pink, orange, and yellow. I sketched the truck, but instead of painting the back of it black with the corresponding colors, I threw the colors on the page and didn’t paint the black. It’s kinda fun and spontaneous, I like it! Then the driver seemed to wake up and pulled the big rig out of the parking lot, which would have also hampered my view… Sometimes people make your sketching decisions for you!

I was thinking of this sketch when I saw the prompt for Urban Sketchers Chicago… this truck has many wheels…. they were fun to sketch!

Instead, I include my sketch below that I did for the sketching prompt… these wheels are not unlikely, but very familiar… wheels on a loader at a construction site!

Here is the photo I took onsite, of me sketching this fun piece of machinery, taken outside my car window on a beautiful day…

Sketching wheels is fun! How many wheels do you see around your world?

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